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Testimonials & Thank Yous

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Kristen Staylor

"They are simply the best! Never had a better experience with my cat Flame."

Anonymous Survey Report

"The entire staff and veterinarians go above and beyond to make me, and especially my cats comfortable. Everyone is knowledgeable and helpful, but what I value the most is the care and compassion the entire staff exhibits toward my fur kids and how understanding they  are of my position as an "anxious" parent. You are all awesome and the vets are top notch! I highly and unreservedly recommend this group."

Mary Peck - Client

"Great people, great service, one of the most caring veterinarian groups I've had the honor to work with.  Two thumbs up!!"

Tamatha Cho

"Our family had a great time at the Open House event. The kids were mezmorized by the innovative technology at SRAH. Stephanie did an amazing job with Face Painting! Thanks for opening your doors for a fun behind the scenes peek!"

"Thank you to Dr DiStephen and the entire staff at SRAH! You saved Max's life!"

Google Users : Reviews 3/3 Stars!

"Under new management. Dr. Lee Lianides is a great vet. Well known in Annapolis for years of relief vet work all over the area. Now she's bringing her years of experience and talents to a single practice. You won't be disappointed!"

" I was incredibly nervous to have my dog put under anesthesia for his neuter. I knew it had to be done, but I kept putting it off as long as I could. I had a dog before who passed away under anesthesia. Dr. Lianides created an anesthesia protocol specifically for him and Kimberly wanted me to feel comfortable so she took me to the back and showed me step by step what would happen. I was really impressed with how much time the staff and doctors spent on me and my anxiety. I asked so many questions! and they didn't make me feel like I was a bother. My dog's surgery went wonderful and the receptionists encouraged me to call to check on him for piece of mind. When I picked him up, he was snuggled in the arms of his surgery tech who said, " I wanted him to know we cared about him. He was bummed he wasn't getting any lovin'." I will always remember how sweet the staff was to both of us. Thanks Dr. Lianides and the SRAH staff! "