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Exercise for Young Active Dogs

START SLOW: Start with exercise for 10-15 minutes twice a day. Increase until you reach 15-30 minutes comfortably. If you decide to go longer, give your dog breaks in between to rest.

POWER WALKS are the best overall exercise for most dogs! Mix with jumping, running, high stepping for variety. Walk your dog normally first so he can eliminate, then go! No sniffing, no stopping.

FETCH: If you have a dog that plays fetch, use that advantage! Play 1-2 times daily! Play in the house on cold winter days or during bad weather.

RACE: Race with your dog to fetch a ball. Indoors or outdoors.

DOGSTACLE COURSE: Design an obstacle course in your yard or indoors with fitness steps and in and out vertical poles and lead your dog through it on a leash. Obstacle courses with low hurdles ( broomstick across 2 objects), tunnels (available at pet stores or use a row of open bottomed cardboard boxes)

STAIRS: With your dog on a leash walk up and down the steps. or try fetching up or down the stairs.

TREATS: Use part of your dog’s dinner as a treat when getting them to do tricks such as sitting to standing, low crawling, roll over, playing dead, paws in the air and spins.

DANCE: Dance with your dog on their hind legs, leading him around.

SWIM: There is a local area to swim with your dog if you don’t have a pool. Try out the Canine Fitness Center for some swimming fun.

CHALLENGE THE OUTDOORS: Resistance walking in sand, leaves, snow, shallow water or hills. Enhance walking by navigating around trees, walking on benches, over or along logs, jumping over objects, or crawling under things.

RUN WITH YOUR DOG: Dog should be at least 14 months old before you start running.

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