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Cat Weight Loss Program

START SLOW: Start with 5 minutes twice daily. Increase gradually until your reach 15-30 mins. a day.

HIDE AND SEEK: Play “find the food” by moving the food bowl upstairs, downstairs, all around the house. Rotate the locations so your cat has to walk to get to its food bowl. Move the bowl as far away from your cat’s hangouts as possible so that walk to get food is a must.

CHASING DINNER: Toss pieces of hard kibble across a room further to chase their dinner. This should not be treats, but part of their dinner.

LASERS AND FLASHLIGHTS: Laser light chasing or flashlight chasing.

FEATHER WANDS: Wand toys with long pieces of string or cloth or a “feather on a stick” toy. Engage your cat in play.

ROLL AROUND: Paper balls, aluminum foil balls, or other rolling objects.

RECYCLE: Encourage play in a box or paper bag.

IN BED OR ON COUCH: Play toe catching under a blanket or comforter when you are safely in bed.

GET ACTIVE: Create a kitty obstacle course with elevated feeding platforms to encourage indoor cats to hunt and move to reach their food.

FOOD BALL: Use a food ball to encourage your cat to exercise while he tries to get some kernels of food.

GO OUTSIDE: Train your cat to walk on a harness.

EXERCISE WHEEL: Giant exercise wheels for cats work well. Check our youtube.com and search “cat in exercise wheel.”

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